Network Security

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Next generation firewalls (NGFW)

To protect your organization from external threats Next-generation firewalls is very important to provide your data center with application control, intrusion prevention, and advanced visibility across the network to possess deeper inspection capabilities that give a superior ability to identify attacks, malware, and other threats.

Unified threat management (UTM)

UTM enables administrators to manage a wide range of security functions with a single management console. provides multiple security features and services in a single device or service on the network, protecting users from security threats in a simplified way. UTM includes functions such as anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, and web filtering Endpoint security.

Endpoint security

In today’s business world, data is often the most valuable asset a company has. And al nabaa have provided the best solution in endpoint security to protect your end user devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices from being exploited by malicious actors and campaigns. Endpoint security systems protect these endpoints on a network or in the cloud from cybersecurity threats. Endpoint security has evolved from traditional antivirus software to providing comprehensive protection from sophisticated malware and evolving zero-day threats.

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