Data Center

From the smallest SMB site to the largest enterprise data center we provide the right equipment that fits your needs.

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Rack servers

Modernise your data centre by delivering performance, resiliency and scalability for core business-to-business-critical workloads.

Blade servers

Support both your business objectives and your business growth using innovative technology for virtualization and the most demanding workloads.

Tower servers

For small business we have add to our portfolio tower servers that comes with The latest technology.

Power solutions

We provides a comprehensive (UPSs) portfolio from leaders in power solutions, to Protect your critical equipment, servers, applications and Data Center from power failures and it covers computers and SMB, servers and networks, high end mission critical data center

Backup and data protection

Data Protection solutions ensure minimal downtime of business in case of data loss , today’s businesses are facing new demands from end-users that include 24/7 access to data and no patience for downtime , our solutions can provide Keeping data copies stored on separate disks/tapes , Real time monitoring of the backup infrastructure & Keeping data copy in a different location known as disaster recovery site.

Fire fighting systems

Your safety is one of our responsibility to provide your data center with fire fighting and alarm system, to protect your assets and investments by installing the perfect and reliable equipment provided from leaders in fire fighting systems.


Our storages solution supports windows endpoints, enterprise data , VMware hyper -v backup , SAAS backups , NAS protection, business file server , file transfer acceleration ,surveillance , personal backup, file syncing and sharing , as a result it can be deployed from SMB to high end data centers.

Zero clients & desktop virtualization

We provide the new technology of hosting and maintaining multiple host by a single desktop or server, zero clients contains no moving parts but centralises all processing and storage to just what is running on the server. As a result, it requires no local driver to install, no patch management, and no local operating system licensing fees or updates. The device consumes very little power.

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