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Fibre optic splicing machines

With over 30 years' experience of fusion splicer innovation, production and supply Sumitomo Electric fusion splicers are used world-wide by network installers, fibre optic manufacturers, data center constructors and carrier grade network operators.

Types of splicers :Type-72c ,T-57,T-400S,Type-201e-VS,Type-201e-M4,Type-72m12

Fiber Cleavers

Many models of fibers cleaver are available FC-6R series, FC-6SERIES, FC-8R Series with high quality materials that last long.

Sumitomo accessories

A range of accessories are available to make your fiber installation easy and get the best results that helps you to finish your job ,jacket remover ,batteries ,fiber holder clamp , ac adapter car battery cable

Lynx-Custom Fit™ Field assembly Splice-On Connector

Adapting splicing technology, Lynx-Custom Fit™ Splice-On Connectors provide highly reliable optical connector on site. Optimize the cable length as exact length, Lynx-Custom Fit™ Splice-On Connect or solve cable snarl, slack in the floor, trays, and racks, moreover contribute to improve air-conditioning efficiency.


Powerful tool that supports your fusion splicer in the field. Using your smartphone, your splicer connects to the internet and Sumitomo's cloud services which include data management, asset management, firmware updates and maintenance support.