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Interactive LED Display

Specktron Interactive LED comes with multi-touch feature which is an effective presentations tool for sharing pictures, data, presentations, thoughts, ideas and business forecasts interactively.

Interactive Whiteboards

a technologically advanced product. The interactive whiteboard features (10 touch) technology that enables multiple users to write and draw simultaneously. Users can switch seamlessly between writing, drawing and moving objects with a finger, stylus or even a pointer. The board easily connects to a computer through a USB interface. It is the ideal tool to increase engagement and collaboration within any education, corporate or professional teaching or training environment.


from laser, DLP to 3LCD, and different throw types, from regular, short to ultrashort, and of course many other criteria you can find the ideal projector for your education & corporate environments.

EHUB Wireless Display

eHub is an HDMI Wireless Display System. It allows the wireless connection of different devices through HDMI, without the need to use cables.
An ideal solution for both meeting and presentation rooms, as well as for education, training and group work in general.

Digital Kiosks

Specktron’s Digital Kiosk is the ideal solution for a variety of environments such as hospitality, retail, airports & public spaces. Featuring high resolution, wide-angle viewing, high brightness, 24/7 operation, IR touch to deliver messages with vivid clarity in a sleek, slim design.

Digital Signage

Transform your video walls with Specktron’s intelligent displays available in screen size 49” and 55”. Easy to install, maintain and manage in order to create visually stunning video walls.  Equipped with high picture quality and performance ideal for retail & commercial use.