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Edgecore Networks provides a full range of managed switches to fulfill different deployment requirements, from small/medium business users,enterprises to carrier-level service providers, from simple web smart switches to Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches. Different products come with different port combinations, as well as PoE options, to meet market requirements, with the emphasis on scalability and flexibility.  Most importantly, managed switches all come with Edgecore Networks' in-house developed EdgeCOSTM software, with optional ECView Pro network management system.

AP Management Simplified

Edgecore EWS-series gateway-controllers come with a complete suite of AP management functionality to simplify the deployment and management of complex Wi-Fi networks. Template-based configuration allows network administrators to quickly update multiple APs’ settings from a single interface, while detailed information about each AP’s statistics and real-time email notifications helps increase troubleshooting efficiency. Finally, by grouping APs for load balancing and detecting rogue APs, organizations can ensure the performance of their wireless networks.